vol.2 [The scene at the dining table that was about to be forgotten]

What do you think of when you see the kanji 汽 [ki:]?
This kanji mainly use as “car” in Chinese,but I was intrigued by the thought behind the kanji “汽”, wondering why they use 汽 [ki:] instead of “気” that more common in Japan.

Store Name Origin

The kanji character汽 [ki:] means a hieroglyph representing rising clouds, water vapor, or something containing moisture.
It is used in brackish water areas (where seawater and fresh water mix).
In addition to the original meaning, we havegiven definitions as “shapeless,” “changing (unstable),” “mixing (heterogeneous),” and “spreading.”

It is written in their website.

汽-ki- is located nearby the Kamogawa and Takasegawa.

You can a;readu see the people are lining up before the store opens at 11:00 (Japan time). I got so excited while I lining up!
As soon as I entered the store, I saw there are the people sitting around a large single stone table in the back like a painting of the Last Supper.Very surprised!

After ordered the food, I sat down at the table in the back while listening to the staff’s polite explanation,
Various people such as women’s groups, men’s groups, couples, singles, foreigners, etc. enjoy meals surrounded at the same table.
I felt a sense of nostalgia in this small, awkward world.

The menu will change constantly. Currently, lunch menu is mainly a set of one plate with the pita bread and also they provide today’s dessert “canelé” with limited in quantity.
Since it was my first time, I ordered everything.
I chose [beef and falafel mix plate]

The color of the pita bread are look like integrated with the table lol
Falafel, which looks like a cute croquette, is a classic Lebanese dish. Two dipping sauces served.
In addition, it seems that the meze such as colorful pickles and hummus are also seasoned according to the ingredients one by one.

It is delicious to eat by one, but the original way to eat is to mix everything and put it into the pita bread. Highly recommended! I was hestitate to mix up this beautiful plate, but I had tried to take a bite.

“It is so new and interesting that the 7 different flavors mixed up in the mouth! Very satisifying and delicious!”

Sitting around with the people you just met and having meal while chatting. It was nothing special before Corvid-19. This experience recalling the memories of past by looking around the dining scene in front of me.

There’s still have more fun element to share!
Today’s dessert [Ripe bananas grilled in a wood-fired kiln]
Bananas grilled in a wood-fired kiln, vanilla ice cream, date palm sauce, and
hot bananas with a smooth texture give off a rich flavor.
A happy moment to enjoy with a rich sauce with cool homemade vanilla ice cream.

I screamed out after I tasted! “Omg this is my very first time in my life to taste this!”
Bananas disappear as fast as vanilla ice cream in my mouth.

Afterall, my favorite desert canelés are here.
[smoked canelés, which are a classic and very popular steam dish].
I’m happy that I could bring some happiness back home.

Finishing these amazing dishes, the owner willingly accepted my sudden request for an interview.
As he sat at the counter, I asked him what he was interested in.

Please tell us how you started Lebanese cuisine.

I used to cook French cuisine and also lived in Europe for a long time.
When we think about the healthy food, we tend to imagine vegan or vegetarian, but Lebanese cuisine have a great balance of vegetables and meat, and it’s delicious.
Lebanese cuisine have many varities of options for everyone.
I started with the desire to provide such healthy and delicious Lebanese cuisine for various people with more reasonable price.

Reason for starting in Kyoto

Since Lebanon and Kyoto share the same latitude, the ingredients for food are also similar.
One of the reason I started in Kyoto is because my family roots. Eventhough I only serve plates for breakfast and lunch, I want to serve more Lebanese cuisine in the near future. Also, I would like to open at night one day.
Of course, the more options you have, the higher the price will be, but I hope that you will feel free to choose it as a fast food option.

A restaurant without an acrylic board that can’t be seen now in a sensitive world.

Restaurant without acrylic board during Corvid-19

汽 [ki:], is a shop that just opened due to the Corvid-19, and the building is renovating by my grandma’s house.
It seemd the Corvid-19 are coming to the end, but it is extend more than I thought.

What I most particular about the style of the mean is for everyone to have meal gathers around the single huge table. Of course the designers was opposed with my idea because the wolrd was sensitive, but I could not rid it off my idea aswell.
The reason why I amd so particular of this idea is because “It has always been my motto to sit around a meal together, and I think that is the original way of eating.”
We are able to continue our current business style beacuse all of you, Thank you for the support.

Enjoy a moment called “meal”

Although he Lebanese population in Japan is small, I have 5 to 6 people come to my store before.
I hope many people can continue enjoy the meal at 汽-ki-.

The owner’s words made me realize an important thing.
The acrylic board that separates the distance from the other person who has already become familiar now during Corvid-19.

My nostalgic feels shows we were about to forget how we used to enjoy the meal with strangers sitting beside, chatting with new peopl etc.
I think people always having the desire of enjoy the meals, even in this uneasy situation,
A scene from our daily life that spending time with the loved ones, such as friends, lovers, and family members. who you choose to spend the time together and what to eat may change our life.

At 汽 [ki:], you can have a dining experience that you have never experienced before, and you will have chance to think deeply about how meals should be.
A mysterious place that is modern yet has a nostalgic feel that makes you want to visit again and again.
Is it because of Kyoto?

When I wrote the blog, I received a message of support, asking me to back again.
I am very happy and will do my best! The canelé was also lovely! Thank you!

By Local Tourist(ロカツリ)

Hello, I am the writer of this blog. Local but at the same time im a tourist too! :D


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